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Bisola is a singer songwriter with a Soul Pop style. She has many musical influences from Mariah Carey, to Michael Jackson for his unforgettable performances to Gospel greats such as Yolanda Brown. Bisola released her debut single in 2012. “I got really good feedback about the debut single and that kind of gave me the affirmation to carry on writing and performing my own songs thereafter. In my formative years I performed regularly in church which was an amazing platform that helped me build confidence performing publicly and finding my own voice.”

Bisola is releasing her second EP “Lessons My Mama Taught Me” today. “This is my second EP and it’s deeply personal as it’s dedicated to the memory of my Mum who I lost last year. I had planned to release an EP at the start of 2016 but after the news about my mum, the EP took a back seat. That said I still kept writing songs – and in many ways it was quite cathartic as it gave me an outlet to heal and deal with the pain. By the time I went into the studio months after to start recording, it was with a totally different purpose and desire to shine a light on my Mum. The EP is titled “Lessons My Mama Taught Me” and covers a range of issues including hope, joy and love. What I want people to take away from this EP is that life can throw stuff at you – as it did with my mum, but what matters is not giving up, keep moving forward, keep making the most of the here and now and importantly, keep loving.

“I really feel like musically – both from a songwriting and production perspective, I really stepped things up a notch on this EP. Seriously, this girl is all grown up!”

“I have an upbeat track on the EP which I’m excited about as my songs are usually mid-tempo. I released the Million Miles in January as a single and people took to it straight away, so much so a radio station in the US made it their number 1 track on their weekend chart show”

Bisola hosted her EP release show last week at Notting Hill Arts Club. “I’m still smiling thinking about the night. The crowd was warm and enthusiastic.”

“You can’t forever rely on friends and family coming to support your gigs/music so you do have to put the work in to widen your audience and that takes time and effort. You may end up winning them just one person at a time but it makes a huge difference when you do find and connect with them because they’re the ones that encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing and when they turn up to your gigs or events they’re the most supportive and receptive to your music – as I found during my EP launch”

“I’ll be releasing one of the tracks called ‘Nobody’ as the lead single form the EP – the track talks about my Mum’s love and I thought it’d be perfect to release on Mother’s Day which is the same weekend as the EP release”

You can catch Bisola performing at Zigfrid von Underbelly on 8th May and she will also be performing 19th May at Proud Camden.

The EP “Lessons My Mama Taught Me”, released today, is available on iTunes and Amazon. You can follow Bisola on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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